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AfricaHackOn is East Africa’s premier technical computer security collective which brings together the individual talents of the best and brightest security professionals in the region, through live presentations, engaging discussions and hands-on demonstrations. We are connoisseurs in a full range of defensive and offensive security topics are well versed in the theoretical aspect of cyber security and masters on the practical and tactical angle of the art.


AH as fondly known, has traversed all odds to become a leading venture in raising awareness on matters affecting cyber security and also grooming upcoming talent into the job market. We have been poised to becoming a one-stop shop for talent and resources in a field greatly short staffed.


Moreover, we have broken ground into learning institutions with our thematic boot camps which rapidly introduce students to the trade, thereby growing the much-needed skill at the very infancy of their careers. We have received wide support from the universities and colleges who understand the need to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Our greatest achievement over the last six years has been job placement for those we train; skills improvement for those already in the job market. Our training partners include She_Hacks, OPCDE, Ekraal, Nailab, USIU and Strathmore University


We held our first conference on 28th Feb 2014 which was a resounding success, drawing support from reputed firms such as PwC, IEEE, Azanuru and Serianu Ltd. The theme of the conference was centred on bare knuckle Cyber Security, a paradigm shift from the usual vendor driven security conferences. The measure of our success was earmarked by the exponential demand for training and awareness, consultancy opportunities and for the very first time, dedicated media coverage on matters pertaining to cyber security. Given our dedication to the cause, which is one of the pivotal pillars in the National Cyber Security Master plan( Capacity Building through training and awareness), AfricaHackOn has gone ahead to partner with Universities and colleges to host 2 day cyber security bootcamps at Strathmore’s iLab, Oshwal College ,USIU, UON, JKUAT and Daystar University.


Last year, we had our 5th conference themed, “Are You Ready for CyberWafare?” which was a call to action from the community.


Fast forward to 2019, it is against this backdrop that we invite you to co-convene this year’s conference which is undoubtedly going to be even bigger. With a new crop of cyber security aficionados, it is a true testimony to the positive effect AfricaHackOn is having at producing seasoned professionals in a market which suffers from a dearth of passionate trained specialists.


This year’s conference seeks to show growth in the industry through innovation and levels of situational awareness. This conference will also address the impact of Cyber Security in line with the Big Four Agenda’. We will look at Cyber Security in Manufacturing systems such as SCADA, Internet of Things in Smart Homes , HealthCare guided by ISO/IEC 80001 – Medical Devices/Connectivity and the Food industry more so looking at HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) food safety management system.


We are also providing a platform for our inductees to show case their skill and talent to the public. This is inherently entrenched in our core value of allowing our own to stand on the shoulders of giants. This is also our accountability matrix whereby whatever we do has to be measurable. Most importantly we have different mind bending presentations and demonstrations which leave attendees yearning for more. We are also accessible; anyone can join AfricaHackOn. No fees, no arduous paperwork; our currency is passion for the trade. This has attracted the right kind of mind sets to further our vision of being the ultimate supplier of raw talent and skill in Kenya and beyond.


We would like to invite you to partner with us in supporting AfricaHackOn 2019. Involvement with AfricaHackOn 2019 will serve to affirm your commitment to supporting the activities of the Kenyan technology community to network, build partnerships, exchange ideas, learn from each other in this high paced professional environment. We look forward to partnering with you as we take AfricaHackOn 2019 to even greater heights. As an official partner you will, amongst other benefits, have the opportunity to brand AfricaHackOn giveaways, AfricaHackOn venues and AfricaHackOn media as well as the opportunity to participate in the AfricaHackOn sessions.

High Level Conference Schedule

Date Day Activity
12/8/19 Monday Cyber Security Training
13/8/19 Tuesday Cyber Security Training
14/8/19 Wednesday Cyber Security Mock
15/8/19 Thursday Main Conference Kick-Off
16/8/19 Friday End of Conference


Who should participate?

Public Sector: Government officials, Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, Infrastructure, Policy makers,

Regulation, Law enforcement, Forensics, Education.

Private Sector: Finance, Telecommunications, Health care, Commerce companies, audit firms,

Education institutes, Insurance companies, Manufacturing, Health, and Food Industry


We do look forward to having you as our partner in this cause by sponsoring our event according to the brief above. Most importantly we hope you walk with us as we continue to reap tangible and measurable results from an initiative sparked by passion, driven by talent and governed by ethics.


Yours sincerely



Thanks to our sponsors


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